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Dumpster Rentals

JUNK Chasers has been serving the London and Woodstock communities for over a decade with quality trash bin rentals. Our trucks deliver the easy-to-load trash bins directly to your driveway. The modern garbage dumpsters we use have rollers and additional protectors to keep your driveway pavement safe. The dumpsters are easy to load and have barn doors so you can walk directly in with your material.

Almost anything can go into the bin except of course hazardous waste. Cement and soil cannot be mixed in with other trash but there are special bins for each when required. Just call us and discuss the material you need to dispose of. Additionally, you should double-check your project against this list of unacceptable materials, which includes:

Hazardous waste like chemical products, medical waste, oil filters, motor oil, transmission oil, oil drums, asbestos, herbicides & pesticides, solvents, paint (unless completely dried latex paint cans), other flammable liquids, appliances (fridge, freezer, A/C or any other appliance that contains Freon), propane tanks, soil (unless soil only bin is ordered), concrete (unless concrete only bin is ordered), tires, batteries, monitors, fluorescent tubes, animals, all liquids.

JUNK Chasers endeavors to keep the planet GREEN with our ecology-minded practices. Call us now to discuss your project and learn more about our garbage dumpster rental services.

10 yard
9' long x 6.5' wide x 4.5' tall
  • Roofing
  • Small Room Reno's
  • Small Bathroom Reno's
  • Flooring
  • Small Appliances
12 yard
10' long x 7.5' wide x 4.5' tall
  • Larger Garage Cleanout
  • Basement Cleanout
  • Remodeling Small Kitchen or Bathroom
  • Landscaping
15 yard
11' long x 8' wide x 4.5' tall
  • Major Remodeling
  • Full Basement/Attic Cleanout
20 yard
11' long x 8' wide x 6' tall
  • Commercial Use
  • Home Clean Outs
  • Large Contracting Job